Royalty mandatory music service

Wouldn’t it be nice to have music that fits your target audience and your store ready at the push of a button?

A system which updates the music automatically and charms their co-workers, as well as their customers with new wonderful music, day after day. Plus, being affordable und easy to operate by anybody…?

We have the perfect solution!

With the Sound Experts streaming receiver „Stream Fly“ you have a perfect music streaming device, providing music 24/7. Enjoy more than 38 different channels with high-quality musicians chose between up to 3,000 songs per channel.

Lounge, Shopmusic Lounge, Restaurant Lounge, Balearic Lounge, Smooth Jazz, Light Classic Jazz, Jazz/Funk Evenings, NuJazz, Downtempo, Ambient Chill, Health & Happiness, Indie Pop, Uptempo, Bar House, Chilled House, Funky Club House, Minimal House, Alternative Dance, Electro House, Commercial Pop, Jukebox Favourites, Classics,80´s, NuCool, Funk & Soul Raregroove, Latin Lounge, World Music, Classic Light, Breakfast, Café de Paris (french music), Italian Restaurant, Relaxation, Chilled Hip Hop, Vintage, Latin Uptempo, R´n´B Hip Hop, Party Dance

The music on the server gets updated regularly every 14 days. Quit looking for music, changing CDs and time-dreading updates. Enjoy the newest music at every time.

Our music team customizes your own music channel, exclusively for your kind of customer.

The music of the different channels is provided by a music agency located in Berlin in conjunction with the DJ agency Sound Artist in London. The agency has a repertoire of many well-known Radio- and Club-DJs and choses the best mixes for the different channels. Featuring artists such as Jamie Cullum, Ravin (Buddha Bar), Gilles Peterson and many more.

The installation is very easy, even for non-professionals. Just connect the Sound Experts receiver with your music system and connect it to the internet via cable or Wi-Fi. After a few minutes, the device is ready to go. A PC/Mac is not necessary.

The Sound Experts music streaming is an innovation for in-store musical sonication. Incredible music, individual customizable, easy to use and affordable.

For 45,- € per month you can use our music collection!

Try it yourself.

An overview of your advantages:

  • musical sonication especially for your target audience
  • More than 38 channels, divided in different genres
  • 1,000 – 3,000 titels per channel
  • High-quality sound with consistent volume
  • Observance of the acoustic CI in every store

Sound Experts Receiver: one-off 249,- € (excl. VAT)

The price includes: music streaming, updates every 14 days, tech-support, 24h replacement, USB stick or SD card with back-up programs, if the internet-connection fails (automatic). Around Christmas, every player gets an additional channel with high-quality, slightly jazzy Christmas music. Individual proposals on request.

System requirements: amplifier or sound system with RCA inputs, DSL internet connection (LAN or WLAN connection). The device has an automatic internet-outage-protection: If there are any problems with the connection, the device automatically starts playing the songs on the connected USB stick.

Royalties: All royalties are 100% clarified and paid over the GEMA, GVL, MCPS and the PPS

You only have to pay the royalties for normal commercial use.

For further questions, please contact us: Tel. +49 (0)221 99 800 60

You want to know, if the Sound Experts Stream Fly is the solution for your problems? Try it yourself. Order your personal receiver for a 14-day-trial now at