Monitor Audio


Diese neueste Lautsprecher-Generation ist das Ergebnis aus 45 Jahren Tradition, Forschung, Entwicklung und Produktion.

 Monitor Audio Ltd. ist ein globaler Spezialist im Bereich der HiFi Lautsprecherentwicklung, der in britischem Besitz und Management steht. Seit über 40 Jahren haben wir Stereo und Surroundsysteme und eine Reihe von klanglich abgestimmten Einbaulautsprechern, für sehr diskreten hochwertigen Klang im ganzen Haus und außerhalb, eingebunden.

Custom Install

Monitor Audio’s Custom Install products are engineered for high performance, reliability and ease-of-use. They’ve been developed using the advanced driver technologies of our award-winning hi-fi speaker ranges to deliver world-famous sound quality without compromising room design.

Available across varying performance levels, Monitor Audio’s architectural speakers bring innovation to every application – wherever you decide to experience dynamic music and film sound, there’s an In-Ceiling or In-Wall speaker that’s perfect for the role. The speakers are expertly optimised for rhythmic wideband audio, seamless room integration and easy, secure installation.

If you love your décor and appreciate great audio, you needn’t compromise: Monitor Audio’s architectural speakers will create harmony all around your home.

Platinum PLIC II

The Platinum II range has expanded to include a design and installation friendly in-ceiling speaker that offers unsurpassed levels of performance, delivering sublime audio accuracy.  Designed for installation in both new build and retrofit installations, the PLIC II in-ceiling speaker should be the ‘go to’ product for home technology professionals, architects, interior designers and end users.

The latest product to join the Platinum II range, the PLIC II in-ceiling speaker, meets the demands put on speaker manufacturers by providing a winning combination of high quality sound, ease of installation and discreet design.

The Monitor Audio PLIC II in-ceiling speaker features an 8″ long throw bass driver with Rigid Diaphragm Technology (RDT II) cone technology to provide immensely powerful bass lines. This is achieved by the RDT cone reacting to an audio signal with lightning fast precision without deformation.  To provide the listener with a uniform frequency spectrum when the speaker is played at higher frequencies, additional dual mid-range drivers that feature C-CAM cone technology and Monitor Audio’s new Micro Pleated Diaphragm (MPD) transducer are mounted on a rigid aluminium baffle and directed towards the listening zone provide uniform mid and high frequency dispersion.

All PLIC II drivers employ a heavy duty motor system, which deploys an under-hung motor assembly to ensure the coil always remains in the gap, even when driven hard. The addition of copper ‘shorting’ rings greatly improves magnetic linearity and lowers intermodulation distortion, resulting in crisp and clear audio delivery. A world first for an in-ceiling speaker!

Designed for installation in both new build and retrofit projects, the PLIC II in-ceiling speaker features Monitor Audio’s unique Tri-Grip fixing system. This 3-position ‚dog leg‘ style fixing provides a greater contact surface area than other types. This system, combined with the magnetic grille, saves the installer both time and money by speeding up the speaker fitting process.

To ensure controlled audio performance, Monitor Audio has designed an MDF back box with pre-determined air volume of 24 L. The rigid box is available with pre-loaded internal damping material to provide the best possible sound absorption and reduce standing waves.

To satisfy the interior designer and end user, the circular grille can appear almost invisible, by being painted to match the room décor. Monitor Audio also offers a square option to match lighting fixtures and ventilation.


Incorporating a 6 1/2 inch MMP II bass driver with Monitor Audio’s signature C-CAM Gold Dome tweeter to provide high performance sound, ease-of-drive, and wide frequency response and dispersion.

Optimum imaging and set-up are established via a pivoting tweeter and high-frequency (+3 dB / 0 dB /-3 dB) level adjustment.

Optional square grille can be used with model.